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The Ignite Life Coaching System was created to allow entrepreneurs, business owners, and people who are looking to get into business to engage in a life-changing personal development program at an AFFORDABLE COST. This group platform allows people to connect on a level that’s not seen very often in the life coaching industry. This life coaching “MOVEMENT” is unique because we are bringing in COUNTLESS ambitious and motivated business owners from around the world that are making positive changes in their communities through commerce. We believe that by working together, growing together, collaborating together, and having FUN together, we can change the WORLD in a positive way. Our goal and mission is to build the LARGEST coalition of business owners and entrepreneurs ever created. 



  1. Meditation / Prayer
  2. Workout
  3. Daily Dose (my daily blog)
  4. Health and Nutrition (proper diet)
  5. Read 5 pages
  6. Production time (your job or business)
  7. Afternoon break time
  8. Family time
  9. Fun time
  10. Journal time
  11. Prayer, meditation, or reflection time
  12. Accountability check-in (write your daily number down)

The Ignite Life Coaching System is designed to create a FIRESTORM OF PASSION, in which a committed group of people will be engaging in day to day activities at the same time. This is how the firestorm of passion will be created...

To be successful in all areas of your life, you will need to practice the daily 12 SUCCESS PRINCIPLES. At the end of each day, you will assess your efforts and write an “accountability number” regarding your success. You give yourself 1 point for each of the activities you complete.

Remember, NUMBERS DON’T LIE, so you will know on a DAILY BASIS exactly if you are on the right track to success, or you need to make adjustments.

During this process, you will discover what you need to do to succeed at the level you desire. After a while, the numbers will start to tell your story. If you need to INCREASE them, do so. YOU will have to decide on your numbers and what your story will be. 



The 6 areas of your life we will focus on and improve.

Faith, Family, Fitness, Finance, Fun, and Fulfillment


This part of the program will help develop YOU from the inside. 

  1. You will do a minimum of a 15 minute morning prayer session of YOUR choice. Find a place in your home where it is quiet.
  2. A 10 minute morning meditation session from the CALM app. Also, taking a minimum of a 15 to 30 minute “REVAMP TIME” in the mid-afternoon. It can be a power nap or a short meditation from the CALM app.
  3. Reading 5 pages daily from the monthly recommended book.
  4. Listening to the recommended daily inspirational song from our song list or (picking one of your own choosing). Music moves OUR SOULS and SPIRITS.
  5. Starting a daily GRATITUDE journal in which YOU will list WHAT you were grateful about the day once it’s over. (Just before bedtime).
  6. Reading my daily inspiration blog called “The Daily Dose”. These daily inspirational messages are in “Real Time” and “Straight from my Heart”, meaning that YOU will be getting the BEST and NEWEST information from the depths of my HEART AND SOUL. They are created early in the morning EVERYDAY.
  7. Reporting to the ACCOUNTABILITY TEAM daily and being on a LIVE TEAM ZOOM CALL once a week.
  8. Watching at least a 30 minute sermon of Pastor Joel Osteen or your favorite spiritual leader (if you have one) on Sunday. It is also okay if you attend a church, temple, mosque, synagogue, or any other spiritual activity.

    Note: This is a once a week activity, so the DAY is not important, because of the different religions people may practice.


Spending QUALITY TIME with your loved ones. Find at least one hour in your day to concentrate on building a closer relationship to FAMILY members. Turn off your smartphones. For example, you can just TALK, or take a walk, watch a movie, eat dinner, or call someone to tell them YOU LOVE THEM.


Do at least 15 minutes a day of some kind of physical activity. I realize we are at different fitness levels, so you can customize one that works for you. I will constantly be posting photos and videos of my workouts at my gym. I will also be posting pics of healthy meals. We will be stepping on the scale every morning to see what we weigh. I realize this might be uncomfortable for many of us, but "What is measured, is gained." 


I will constantly share about the importance of becoming financially independent and some of the business models I think people should invest in. I will also talk about a retirement plan that is economy-proof. I have partnered with some of the best financial experts and business builders in America.


This should be the easiest principle to teach, but unfortunately, so many people are too busy to have fun. Having fun is an art, so I will be constantly reminding people how to have fun in all of these areas of success.


Fulfillment - Learning how to give.


  • NOTE: The Ignite Life Coaching program cost reduces by HALF every 30 days as long as you participate. You will automatically have access to the next level of coaching at the end of each month if you choose. The fourth month ( IGNITE INFINITY ) is a lifetime membership, which is only $62.00 per month.


Month 1 • $497
Month 2 • $248

Month 3 • $124
Infinity • $62

Accountability for the 12 Daily Success Principles
12 detailed activities that WE will be doing on a daily basis
An annual subscription to the CALM app
Access to Mindful Meditations on your phone
Private Facebook Group Access
We'll support each other and cheer each other on
Weekly T.E.A.M. Zoom Call
Keep your mindset strong with weekly check-ins
Access to my team of EXPERTS
For those in months 2-3, every area of your life is covered