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Meet the Team of Experts

Neo Wright

CEO Ignite Coaching | CEO CDJ Enterprises | Author | Motivational Speaker


Holly Jackson

Holistic Business Coach | Marketing Consultant | Author | Podcast Host | Speaker

m. 925-658-0514

Chet Thong

Pension & Retirement Specialist
Office: 415-638-9779


Dream Achiever

Matthew Wright

Dream Achiever

Your Support Team

The UNIQUE thing about taking this 30-day course is it’s only the BEGINNING on the road to your SUCCESS. After the initial 30 days, YOU will be “FIRED UP”. 

I have seen countless times when people were fired up to the gills, but with nowhere to go. Don’t worry, WE have all that figured out for you. 

After spending 30 days with me, YOU will have access to my TEAM of EXPERTS. Of course you will STILL have access to MY on-going training as LONG as you would like. 

This way, we can continue to build our business relationship. However, if there is a particular area that you need help in or a service that we provide, they are HERE for you. 

I have chosen several leaders in their field of expertise to join me on this venture. I have personally known these individuals for years, and ONE thing they ALL have in common is, they LOVE to serve and help people. 

They are people of their “word”, which means you can trust them to no limits. It took me COUNTLESS years (at least 18 )to comprise this TEAM of experts. As YOU will soon discover, I don’t do business with just ANYBODY. 

Not only do my TEAM members have excellent skills in their chosen field, but they also have a wealth of character. INTEGRITY is a MUST for anyone I am associated with, so YOU will have access to, in my opinion, the BEST TEAM MEMBERS available. 

They ALL have digital platforms, so YOU will be able to connect to them from any place in the world. The areas that my TEAM members will bring to the table are:

  1. Professional Meditation and Spiritual Coaching

  1. Fitness Training and Nutrition

  1. Finance
    (includes financial consulting in several key areas of finance, including retirement planning that is NOT directly connected to the stock market). Helping people achieve financial independence is our goal.

  1. Lead Generation.
    A proven lead system that generates GUARANTEED on-going leads that will GROW your business to whatever success level you would like.