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Reading is one of the ESSENTIAL activities for long-lasting SUCCESS




Recommended Monthly Books

Hello everyone, Welcome to our recommended monthly book club!

Reading is one of the ESSENTIAL activities for long-lasting SUCCESS. Reading consistently will change you from the INSIDE.

My mentor told me years ago that in five years, your success will be DIRECTLY attributed to the people you associate with and the BOOKS you read. Being an avid reader for years now, I KNOW this is true.

But reading random books will not help you in the personal development department in which you NEED to succeed. You MUST read books that are relevant to guiding you in the right direction.

I have chosen two books that will change your life within the thirty-day IGNITE program. I have firsthand experience of the POWER of countless EXCITED people that are reading the same book.

By reading the recommended 10 pages per day, WE will create a FIRESTORM of excitement. I have personally chosen the two BEST books that I know of to give YOU the jumpstart that you need. 

I have chosen “Intentional Living”, by John Maxwell as the primary book that WE will be reading daily. It is one of the BEST books that I have read that describes who I am and the person I want to become. 


The second book is called, “You become what you think about”, by Vic Johnson.
Both of these books will INSPIRE you to become the person you were intended to be.