What is CDJ Enterprises? The Global Philanthropic Movement and What You Should Know

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CDJ Enterprises is the parent company of various businesses that all focus on empowering people to become self-sufficient in all facets of their lives, including personal development, philanthropy, and entrepreneurial endeavors. Through individual empowerment, life coaching, financial advising, and charitable movements, CDJ Enterprises seeks to teach and help people become the BEST versions of themselves, build financial independence, and make the world a better place.

Our Founder’s Story

Cornelius (Neo) Wright is a DETERMINED entrepreneur, philanthropist, life coach, and author. After 8 years of planning and over 24,000 Lyft rides, his life’s mission - CDJ Enterprises - is finally in a position to create the CHANGE that he was BORN to make in the world. His goal is to be the first person in his family to break all three of their curses - poverty, addiction, and mental illness. He shares this drive with his daughter, Anikka Wright, who is the Senior Vice President of CDJ Enterprises, making these MOVEMENTS a Daddy-Daughter Mission.

Ignite Coaching

The Ignite Life Coaching system invites entrepreneurs, business owners, and aspiring professionals to engage in a life-changing personal development program. Unlike other life coaching options, Ignite Life Coaching has a group platform where people are able to connect on a deeper level, creating a community of accountability, goal-setting, and achievement. Ambitious and motivated people from around the world are making positive changes in their communities through their personal and professional efforts. We believe that by working, growing, collaborating, and HAVING FUN together, we can foster change in our communities and BEYOND. (And at an affordable cost)!

The I.H.D.M. Platform

The Ignite Human Development Movement (IHDM) Platform is a humanitarian business project set on three primary initiatives:

  1. Helping non-profits, corporations, schools, and churches create more revenue so they can THRIVE in their communities
  2. Building partnerships within these entities so that they can build a community and work together to accomplish more TOGETHER
  3. Making the world a better place by GIVING. Charitable organizations all around the world benefit from the IHDM Platform, and soon it will be the largest network of humanitarian movements created.

The IHDM Platform allows individuals and businesses in all fields to help non-profits grow their impact and help more people across the world.

Black Boy from the Barrio

Black Boy from the Barrio is an autobiographical testimonial written by Neo Wright, the founder of CDJ Enterprises. It takes readers on the journey of a young, African-American boy who grew up in a Latino community, worked in the fields of Central California, educated himself through years of trial and error, and finally realized his PURPOSE in life. Black Boy from the Barrio tells the story of how Neo went from a house painter stuck in an “occupational prison” to investing in HIMSELF, changing his outlook on life, and mastering leadership by example.

Reviews call the book “relatable” and “inspiring” due to Neo’s discussion of the healing process in overcoming his family’s struggles with poverty, addiction, and mental illness. This book is just a glimpse into the inspiration behind CDJ Enterprises, and it pushes others to use their experiences to find purpose in their lives. It is available on Amazon.

Still to Come…

While CDJ Enterprises has already grown into a MOVEMENT for change agents around the world, there is even more on the horizon.

African Empowerment Movement

The African Empowerment Movement (AEM) will be a nonprofit organization that focuses on helping communities and countries in Africa become more stable and self-sufficient by providing access to education. African students will learn from experts in all fields while being affirmed in their culture and identity. This will give children the CONFIDENCE they need to understand their potential and everything they can accomplish. AEM will also seek to enhance the medical resources and clinics available to these communities.

The Dorothy Wright Foundation

The Dorothy Wright Foundation will be a safe haven for people of all ages that are suffering with mental illnesses. Too many people struggle in silence due to the stigma surrounding conditions like anxiety and depression. Our main objective is to SAVE LIVES by bringing awareness to these issues, reiterating that there is NOTHING wrong with people who have mental illnesses, and showing that there is NO SHAME in discussing it. By providing free education, counseling, workshops, and on-going treatment plans, people will have the time, space, and resources that they need to heal.

Creating Change One Person at a Time

Whether you’re looking to improve your mindset, establish financial independence, give back to the world, or get your business involved in philanthropic MOVEMENTS, CDJ Enterprises offers opportunities for EVERYONE to create POSITIVE change in their lives and their communities. If you want to find ways to Ignite YOUR Life and get involved, email Neo at neo@cdjenterprises.com

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